Delver 12 - Fantasy RPG Resources for GMs and Players


A bi-monthly (six issues per year) magazine for Old-School Essentials and similar OSR fantasy RPG games. Each issue contains one ready-to-run adventure with maps and printable prop(s) PLUS numerous random tables and charts.

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Product Details:

40 pages
Cover/Back Cover - Color
Inside Cover/Inside Back Cover - Color
5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall
6 ounces

Table of Contents for Issue #12

----- Random Charts & Tables -----

(Each of the listings below is a page of random charts/tables)

A Mark at the Tavern
Troll Tactics
Magic Shop
Locales of Lantern's Reach
Intelligent Staff
Looking for Work
Griffon Claw Auction House
The Old Rikasak Monastery
Dolbin's Scrolls
Tomes of Obsidian Pages
Agnaddob's Artifact Emporium
Character Sheet - The Rogue
The Referee Roundtable
Printable Props

----- Mini Adventure -----

The Quartelis - Mini Adventure

----- Article -----

The Referee Roundtable - Turn Your Players into HEROES!