Delver: Lost Hirelings

  • Delver: Lost Hirelings
  • Delver: Lost Hirelings

Delver: Lost Hirelings contains 96 NPC Hirelings for any OSR game such as Old-School Essentials, Basic Fantasy RPG, Swords & Wizardry, and other B/X compatible RPGs. In addition to the hirelings, there are also over 70 new magic items that the NPCs possess (they can be traded, stolen, or simply used by the GM as additional magic items for the players).

Lost Hirelings is one of four books in the Lost Tomes Collection that also includes Lost Artifacts, Lost Pages, and Lost Adventures.

The Lost Tomes Collection consists of four zine-sized resources for players of OSR games such as Old-School Essentials, OSRIC, Wizards & Sorcery, and more.

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Product Details:

48 pages
Cover/Back Cover - Color
Inside Cover/Inside Back Cover - Color
44 Black-and-White Pages
5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall

Delver: Lost Hirelings Contents
Each page contains 2 new Hirelings - each Hireling comes with a brief description of their motives/drives plus either a random chart/table or a custom magic item.

Lost Hirelings has over 70 new magic items for a GM to use in their game!