Delver: Lost Pages


Delver: Lost Pages contains 48 pages of random charts and tables, perfect for any OSR game such as Old-School Essentials, Basic Fantasy RPG, Swords & Wizardry, and other B/X compatible RPGs.

Lost Pages is one of four books in the Lost Tomes Collection that also includes Lost Artifacts, Lost Hirelings, and Lost Adventures.

The Lost Tomes Collection consists of four zine-sized resources for players of OSR games such as Old-School Essentials, OSRIC, Wizards & Sorcery, and more.

Print & PDF Option - A complimentary PDF/digital copy of the issue will be sent via to the email address matching this order.

Product Details:

48 pages
Cover/Back Cover - Color
Inside Cover/Inside Back Cover - Color
44 Black-and-White Pages
5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall

Delver: Lost Pages Table of Contents

Dungeon Entry Area
A Peek Around the Corner
A Nasty Trap
An Unusual Brazier
When Time Runs Out
Sprung Trap
Spell Misfire
Ixra's Wondrous Tomes
Add Some Eldritch!
Intelligent Shield
A Strange Sword
A Helpful Tome
Dangerous Tome
A Blessed Book
That is NOT a Normal Golem!
That is NOT a Normal Skeleton!
That is NOT a Normal Kobold!
That is NOT a Normal Werewolf!
That is NOT a Normal Eye of Terror!
That is NOT a Normal Owl Bear!
It's a Lizard Man Shaman!
Lone Explorer 1
Lone Explorer 2
Lone Explorer 3
I Know This Song!
The Fighter in the Corner
The Bard on the Stage
The Wizard's Mistake
The "Don't Get Too Attached" Backstory - Cleric
The "Don't Get Too Attached" Backstory - Thief
I Bless The With...
Griffon Claw Auction House 1
Griffon Claw Auction House 2
Griffon Claw Auction House 3
Dolbin's Scrolls 1
Dolbin's Scrolls 2
Dolbin's Scrolls 3
From the Library of Niloshis Whisperwalk
Lost Dungeon Map - Printable Prop
Lost Dungeon Map 2 - Printable Prop
Lost Dungeon Map 3 - Printable Prop
Wanted Poster 1
Wanted Poster 2
Build a Village
One Tavern Town: Broken Mill
The City's Sights
Exploring Ruins

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