The Guild Collections: Delver Society Scrolls


The Guild Collections: Delver Society Scrolls contains 48 pages with magic scrolls per page. Each magic scroll comes with the scroll's name and a brief description that includes duration of the spell, its effects, and any limits on its use (such as class).

Delver Society Scrolls is one of five books in The Guild Collections - the other books are Guild Adventures Volumes 1 and 2, Obsidian Pages Tomes, and Searchers Relics.

The Guild Collections consists of five zine-sized resources for players of OSR games such as Old-School Essentials, OSRIC, Wizards & Sorcery, and more.

Print & PDF Option - A complimentary PDF/digital copy of the issue will be sent via to the email address matching this order.

Product Details:

48 pages
Cover/Back Cover - Color
Inside Cover/Inside Back Cover - Color
44 Black-and-White Pages
5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall

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