GUILD zine (OSR Resource)


GUILD zine is a new resource for OSR games. When adventurers aren't deep in the heart of some dangerous dungeon, they can be busy researching their next exploration using the incredible resources collected by various guilds dedicated to locating and mapping the lost tombs, crypts, and halls of structures lost to the ages.

Guilds can offer their members unique resources, knowledge, and tools for their trips into the unknown... but are your players worthy enough for membership?

Inside, GMs/Referees will find five unique guilds currently looking for new members and offering some amazing resources... for a cut of the loot, of course. Each guild has random charts and tables to roll on, secrets for members to learn and keep, special magical items and relics that are only available to guild members, and more.

The Searchers Guild

The Delver Society

Obsidian Pages

Wanderers of Lix

The Wardens

Print & PDF Option - A complimentary PDF/digital copy of the issue will be sent via to the email address matching this order.