RUNES #1 - Zine for ShadowDark


RUNES is a quarterly zine for the new Shadowdark RPG published by The Arcane Library and created by Kelsey Dionne. It provides an old school fantasy RPG feel with modern RPG elements such as ascending AC (armor class) and advantage and disadvantage on rolls. The game is fast-paced and dangerous, and its fan base is growing daily as more and more players discover just how enjoyable the ruleset is at the table.

RUNES is a resource for GMs and Players that provides random tables and charts, new monsters and spells, printable props, a full adventure with maps, and much more.

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Product Details:

40 pages
Cover/Back Cover - Black and White
Inside Cover/Inside Back Cover - Black and White
36 Black-and-White Pages
5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall
6 ounces

----- RUNES #1 Table of Contents -----

The Wagon - Random Tables

The Menagerie - New Monsters

Friend or Foe? - Random Tables

Fighters' Night Out - Random Tables

Friend or Foe? - Random Tables

Relics from the Dark - Random Tables

The Necropolis - Random Tables

Erebos Mistweaver - High Level Enemy

Found Trophies - Random Tables

Friend or Foe? - Random Tables

The Menagerie - New Monsters

A Strange Altar - Random Tables

Public Library - Book Name Resource

Undead Sorcerer of the Silverclaw Crypts - Adventure with maps and props

Adventure Paper Minis - Printable Props

The Menagerie - New Monsters

Half-Orc in the Corner - Random Tables

Grrlll the Ooze Priest - High Level Enemy

How to Build Tension in a TTRPG by Dan Masters - Article

From Spellbooks of Niloshis - New Spells

Rune on the Wall - Random Tables

Lair of the Mad Witch - Map and Random Tables