Tavern - Between-Game Events for OSR Players


Most adventurers don't live down in the deep, dark dungeons (or do they?), so what exactly do they do when they're on the surface?

While many of them spend their time resting and spending loot in preparation for their next delve, many will invest their coins in ventures that they hope will keep them fed and sheltered and maybe provide a nice retirement if and when that day ever arrives.

And there is no better place to do this than the familiar and friendly tavern...

This 24 page workbook lets players and GMs work together to determine ownership and strange and wondrous events that happen at their newly purchased business. The workbook offers players a way to buy a tavern, upgrade it, furnish it, get entertainment, and more. Oh, and the new owner(s) will be earning monthly income while they're away on dungeon delves.

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