The Guild Collections - Bundle (5 zines)


The Guild Collections Bundle contains 5 zines - (1) Searchers Relics, (2) Delver Society Scrolls, (3) Obsidian Pages Tomes and (4 and 5) Guild Adventures Volume 1 and Volume 2.


Searchers Relics: Contains 48 pages with two magic relics per page (for a total of 96 magic relics). Relics are one-use magic items, but they are typically more powerful than a standard magic item. Each relic comes with a small bit of a backstory as well as the effect(s) the item offers to its finder.

Delver Society Scrolls: Contains 48 pages with magic scrolls per page. Each magic scroll comes with the scroll's name and a brief description that includes duration of the spell, its effects, and any limits on its use (such as class).

Obsidian Pages Tomes: Contains 48 pages with two magic tomes per page (for a total of 96 magic items). Each of the magic tomes comes with its name, how many spells it contains (class and level), and a Special Feature that the bearer of the book gains.

Guild Adventures: Contains 9 adventures across two volumes PLUS an article on adventure creation with a new (and free) tool and an example of its use. Each adventure comes with maps, room descriptions, new creatures, new magic items, and more. All the adventures are rules generic and can be used as drop-in adventures for any game or campaign. (Names and levels for each adventure are below.)


The Guild Collections are a set of resources for players of OSR games such as Old-School Essentials, OSRIC, Wizards & Sorcery, and more.

Print & PDF Option - A complimentary PDF/digital copy of each issue will be sent via to the email address matching this order.