The Lost Tomes Collection (4 Zine Bundle)


The Lost Tomes Collection includes Lost Artifacts, Lost Hirelings, Lost Pages and Lost Adventures. Each issue may be purchased individually. The Lost Tomes Collection is for any OSR game such as Old-School Essentials, Basic Fantasy RPG, Swords & Wizardry, and other B/X compatible RPGs.

NOTE: USA shipping for the bundle is $10 versus a total of $20 shipping if you purchase each issue separately over time. Total cost of the four issues bundled is $60 versus $66 for US shipping if each issue is purchased and shipped separately.

Product Details:

Lost Adventures - 84 pages - 12 dungeon crawl adventures complete with NPCs, monster stats, new magic items, maps, and GM notes.

Lost Pages - 48 pages of random tables and charts for your fantasy RPG game.

Lost Artifacts - 48 pages, each containing 3 new magic items for a total of 144 magic items for your fantasy RPG game.

Lost Hirelings - 48 pages, each containing 2 new NPCs for a total of 96 NPCs complete with stats and background. The book also includes over 70 new magic items!

Print & PDF Option - A complimentary PDF/digital copy of each issue will be sent via to the email address matching this order.

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